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Join us for another record-breaking, stigma-busting, hope-instilling Walk for Mental Health Awareness on May 10 2014 at DCR Artesani Park, Brighton!

This year thousands will walk at Artesani Park, Brighton to raise money for mental health education and support programs, raise awareness of our state’s need for a world-class treatment and recovery system for people with mental illness, and eliminate the stigma and stereotypes that surround these brain disorders.

The Walk also reaches out to new populations affected by mental illness; raises funds to provide local resources, programs and activities for our citizens; and builds a larger NAMI community.

Click here to register for the walk

Click here to make a donation to a walker, or a team

If you prefer to donate by check, please make checks payable to NAMI Massachusetts and send to:
NAMI Massachusetts
The Schrafft’s Center
529 Main Street, Suite 1M17
Boston, MA 02129-1125

  Video of NAMI advocate Patrick Kennedy calling for an end to the stigma of mental illness.

Ask your friends and neighbors to join you as we walk for mental illness just as they ask you to walk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and birth defects.  People need to know that recovery from mental illness is possible with treatment. Our community is walking for mental illness just like other community walks for other illnesses, because mental illness is like any other illness.

When you reach across your office, when you reach across your neighborhood, when you reach across your faith community and all of your other social networks you are telling people that mental illness is an issue that is important to you or affects your family in some way – that message alone is a very powerful one.

When people hear that you are walking for mental illness, it gives them reason to stop and re-evaluate their own perceptions and prejudices about mental illness.  When you stand up and say, ‘I am walking in the NAMIWalk – a community walk for mental illness and I would like you to join me and support this effort’, it forces people to rethink their views.  Mental illness touches people and families from all segments of the community and we ignore its indiscriminate nature at our own peril.  When we step up and identify this issue as being as important as all the other community walks, we are helping change the way mental illness is perceived.  The more people we engage in NAMI and the issue of mental illness through their involvement in the Walk, the more people there are in the community that will know about NAMI at the very time that they or someone they know needs our programs and support.

When everything is said and done, the 2013 Walk raised just over $557,000. To view the photo album of last year’s Walk please click hereWe are proud to share this success with you. Join us May 10, 2014 to break this record!

image of Former Governor Michael and Kitty Dukakis

Former Governor Michael and Kitty Dukakis also Walk for NAMI Massachusetts!

To become a sponsor, create a team, or schedule a presentation about NAMIWalks Massachusetts, please contact Karen Gromis, Walk Manager at 617-580-8541 or kgromis@namimass.org.